Using Social Media To Get A Job

In additional to providing career development services to individuals, I also provide contract recruiting and talent acquisition consulting to medium and large businesses.  Finding top talent by using low and no cost candidate sourcing methods is always a priority and social media is the ultimate no cost talent sourcing medium.  Are you presenting yourself properly?

Is your LinkedIn profile optimized?  Are you “following” companies that you want to work for?  Have you joined industry, company and functional groups?  Does your LinkedIn profile showcase your creativity, areas of expertise and outline the type environment you work best in?  Are you commenting in groups and connecting with people?

How about starting your own website for your job search?  With companies like GoDaddy, SquareSpace, and WordPress, it is easier than ever to create a dynamic and professional looking page that highlights your personality, expertise and experience in a creative new way.  Don’t forget to cross promote your site or blog!

CIPHR, a private people and data management company in the UK, published an infographic and guide to getting a job through social media that I think is spot on. Check it out.

Need help developing your personal brand so you’ll stand out on social media and online applications?  We can help.  Send us your resume and we will provide you with a free critique and some ideas on how we can help you accomplish this!


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