Thinking about a new job in the New Year? Don’t bother!

A very popular New Year’s resolution is to get a new job.  Sound familiar?  You want to find an employer who appreciates you.  You want growth opportunities.  You want more money.  You want an easier commute.  You want work/life balance.  Those are all fantastic notions but if you don’t have the right plan in place, don’t even bother wishing or wanting.

In order for this resolution to stick, you need to take some time to develop a strategy and then work that plan.  Here is a guideline that will help you navigate what can sometimes feel like a daunting task.

1. Define what it is you want to do next

I can’t tell you how many clients I work with who want a new job but can’t articulate what it is that they want exactly.  This is the first step because without focus, you will waste time and money in this process.  You have to focus on what you want, where you want it and identify other important characteristics of the ideal next role.  Once you have a target in mind of what that job looks like, you can move on to the next step.

2. Do your research

You know what you want; now it is time to search the web and ask around your network to see what is out there.  Are there jobs that match what you have written down as your goal?  Are those jobs in existence?  If you found job postings, do they match with your idea of what you want? Print and bookmark some roles that really excite you.  You will need these if you decide to work with a pro.

3. Create an integrated job search strategy

With competition for jobs always being tough, make sure you have an integrated job search strategy to find the right opportunities and that includes web, social and professional networking events and sites and partnering with executive recruiters.  It’s just not enough to apply online for most roles.  Think like a sales person and identify different opportunities to get in front of HR folks and hiring managers.

4.  Hire a pro

Career coaches, resume writers and headhunters/recruiters are professionals trained and skilled in enhancing your marketability.  Elite athletes still have coaches to help them get better and you need them too.  Job search related expenses are tax deductible and if the ROI on working with a pro is landing a better job, it is worth the investment.

5.  Work the plan

All this prep will be for naught unless you are committed to working your plan even if you hire a pro.  Many clients I work with don’t know where to start or what to do next.  Plan out your course of action and stick to it.  If you hire a professional, stay involved and help them help you.

Here at Careerluxe, our Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW) are skilled in extracting your key differentiators and enhancing your resume and online profiles to showcase them.  Let us help you work your plan and keep that New Year’s resolution.

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