Stand Out During An Interview

You did all the right things and landed that interview.  Great job!  To prep for the interview, you will anticipate questions and memorize your answers that will wow them.  You’ll read the latest press releases and commit executive bios and company history to memory.  That is what we all do, so what are you doing differently?  How are you going to leave a different impression with your interviewer?  Here are the answers:

1.  Build Rapport Immediately

Dale Carnegie said, “To be interesting, be interested”.  Start building a rapport with your interviewer and those you meet along the way.  Finding out more about who they are personally gives you information you can use to establish common ground.  Common ground is how all productive and fruitful relationships are first built.  Additionally, you will leave people with the impression that you are friendly.  A positive impression will serve you well throughout the whole interview process.

2.  Ask Questions, Good Ones 

Yes, I know you have prepared a list of questions about the role and the company.  Have you included interesting questions though?  Ask your interviewer about their career path, their experience with the organization and their take on the culture.  Ask them to share the good and bad, essential information needed to properly evaluate the opportunity and organization.  How about taking some of the latest headlines regarding industry trends and asking their opinion on how it will affect this role, department and company as a whole?  Go above an beyond the typical stuff to demonstrate how excited you are about the opportunity.

3.  Give Them Personality

You are looking professional and put together in your suit.  Your answers to questions are on point.  This is the only way you know how to interview and there is nothing wrong with that.  If you want to stand out, give them hints of your personality.  You can do this by moderately adding flair to your outfit or by sharing some details of your hobbies.  For example, I always wear a dark suit and fabulously colorful high heels.  Also, I am a DIYer and building something from scratch is what I love to do as a hobby.  It is a common theme throughout my career where I have helped build businesses and rebuild existing businesses.

4.  Do The Work

If you are lucky enough to get far into the interview process, you inevitably get asked, “tell me what you would do if you were hired into this job”.  Why wait?  Wow your interviewer by preparing your 30, 60 and 90 day plan.  Show them you have put thought into how your skills and experience will add impact to the business.  Put it on paper and give it to them.  How many people are going to do that!?

5.  Say Thank You

Make yourself standout long after the interview is over by writing a compelling thank you note.  Be sincere in your thanks and then take the opportunity to demonstrate why you are the best candidate.  Perhaps you draw a connection between your way of doing things and the company culture. You can take the opportunity to articulate an answer to a question that you initially stumbled through during the interview.  Continue to build rapport by sharing a link related to something you learned about your interviewer.  You’re welcome.

Follow these five tips and set yourself apart from other candidates interviewing. Good luck!

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