Gone in 20 Seconds

Recruiters and hiring managers spend a mere 20 seconds or less reviewing resumes.

Does this sound unfair or disrespectful?  Perhaps.

It’s  important to recognize that in today’s competitive  job market there may literally be hundreds of resumes to review each day.  Right or wrong, you have to acknowledge and effectively plan for these behaviors and expectations, if you want to get noticed.

Here are a number of resume writing tips and strategies to help you be contender and stand-out from the crowd:

  1. Make sure you have a resume summary that clearly articulates your value proposition and highlights your core competencies.  Objectives are out-dated.  Modernize your resume to keep them interested and reading.
  2. Use varying alignments, fonts, font sizes and styles, such as bold and italics, to guide one’s eye to focus on those noteworthy accomplishments and responsibilities.  Design strategy is just as important as content.  Similar to shaking one’s hand, first impressions are formed based on appearance, as well as content.
  3. Separate accomplishments and job responsibilities.  Results are key and make a lasting first impression.
  4. If you have more than five years of experience, keep your resume to two pages.  Remember, one page resumes for experienced professionals can disqualify you too. Goal is to ensure content is valuable and succinct.
  5. Proof your resume, once, twice, three times.  Check your spelling, grammar, written language and communications, as well as formatting to prevent automatic disqualification.

It’s essential to keep the reader in mind when you are designing and writing your resume.  If you fail, you could be gone is 20 seconds.

Nevertheless, you do not have to go it alone.  Turn to the experts at Careerluxe for your free resume critique and consultation.  Our experienced, certified resume writers will provide a free consultation and proposal on how we can build or improve your resume and personal brand.


Svetlana Husseini
President & Sr. Consultant
Careerluxe, Inc.

Careerluxe provides expert career guidance and advisory services for professionals looking to gain a distinct competitive edge.  Whether you are looking for a new job, to advance in your career, or even change your career path, Careerluxe provides a myriad of expert services in career coaching and advisory counseling.

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