If you are a professional looking to gain a distinct competitive edge in today’s job market, turn to the experts at Careerluxe.  As a skilled career guidance and advisory provider, only Careerluxe gives you that cultivated edge.

What services do we offer?

In order for you to be a contender in today’s fierce job market, it’s vital to stand-out from the crowd.  That is why we have mastered the skills to help you identify, refine and cultivate your very own polished, “personal brand.”   We are experts at uncovering information that is vital in crafting resumes that elevate one’s skill set and marketability.  All this, coupled with our services, will give you the edge you need to effectively reach your career goals.

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Our team of certified professional resume writers and expert advisors enable us to deliver quality, competent career guidance, coaching and tools unlike any other.  You can bet we practice what we preach.  Our accomplished team has years of  practical, hands-on experience working with various functional roles in differing corporate environments.   That is why we are confident we can provide you with a customized blueprint for career success.

How Does It Work?

This is a highly consultative and collaborate process.  Overall, we have flexible schedules to meet any client need, including day and evening hours, as well as expedited service.

Once we have our initial 30-60 minute consultation, your writer will deliver a first draft and we work together to make edits and finalize the details so you can start your job search.

Regardless if you are a junior or seasoned professional, looking for a new job, to advance in your career, or even change your career path, Careerluxe has the client-focused personnel and specialized services for the varying levels of your career.