Resume Writing Tips for New Grads

Soon, you’ll be graduating from college and your 14-career as a student will be coming to an end.  Congratulations! To get you ready for your job search, I have  some resume writing tips to help you showcase your education and work experience and make yourself stand out from 1.6 million college graduates in 2014.

Start Now:  Research indicates it takes up to six months to find a job so start writing your resume now.  These are living documents so write it now and tweak it when you start your search.

Organize your resume:  Write a summary articulating your value proposition, list your skill set, then your education and finally your work experience.

Elaborate on Coursework and Group Projects:  List your coursework relevant to your major and group projects.  For projects, include the project title, the challenge and the outcome.

Highlight relevant and transferable skills: Whether you held an internship in your target field or worked at the movie theatre while a student, list your work experience and highlight your skills.  Let’s say you just worked part-time.  Perhaps you have organization, computer, customer service skills or you worked in a high-volume and demanding environment?

Spell Check!  According to an Adecco survey, students are still misspelling words on their resume.  Forty-three percent of managers said spelling errors on resumes can automatically disqualify a graduate from being interviewed.  Use the spell check function but also read through your resume carefully.  Sometimes words which are spelled correctly are actually misused. Take for example “manager” versus “manger”.

Careerluxe has the writing expertise and we use proven techniques to enhance your marketability.  Take advantage of our free resume critique and consultation so we can share ideas that will work for you.

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