Mind the Gap! How to Address Employment Gaps in Your Resume

Looking for a new job? Have you been out of the workforce for a period of time because of a layoff, caring for a loved one, starting a family, traveling the world, school or some other personal matter?  It doesn’t mean you won’t ever find a job but it does mean it might be a little harder for you.  Recruiting, training and employee turnover is extremely costly and time consuming for companies and so, prospective employers can get concerned when they see a long term absence.  How do they know you still have those skills you honed when you were working?  How do they know you will enjoy being back to work and want to stay?  Do them and yourself a favor, follow these resume writing tips to improve your chances in finding the right opportunity:

  • Fix Your Format:  Be sure to use a hybrid format when writing your resume.  A hybrid resume combines a functional format with a chronological format.  The first part of your resume should be a succinct narrative that articulates your value proposition and reinforces your key strengths, differentiators and achievements to the reader.  Get them so excited about who you are and what you have to offer that any employment gaps will be minimized.
  • Dig Deep:  Do you have other experience?  Have you volunteered your time, taken any classes, participated in PTA events, freelanced or even taken a part-time job?  At Careerluxe, we work with many clients who have kept busy while taking time out of their career and don’t think to add these details.  Do it.  Add them to your resume as it shows a prospective employer that you have been busy, keeping your skills sharp and staying on top of changes in your industry.
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Details:  Small gaps in your employment can be eliminated entirely when you remove the months from your resume and online profiles.  Not only does this eliminate short gaps but it also lends itself to a cleaner looking resume.  Less is more.
  • What’s in it for Them?  Resume writing can be a daunting task, especially if you have been out of work.  Focus on what you have accomplished and how it benefited the organization.  Employers want to know what you have done, how you did it and the results it generated for a team, department or company.  It will be an indicator of what you can do for them.

There is no reason to be defeated by an employment gap or think less of your own skills and ability. Write your resume with confidence and be sure you include the right information. Follow these steps and demonstrate how you have been keeping yourself relevant and updated on your industry and job function.

Looking for a new job is hard enough.  Looking for a new job after being out of the workforce is even harder but not impossible.  Mind the gap.  Recognize that your employment gap won’t be looked on as favorable and then do something about it.

Here at Careerluxe, we can leverage our expertise to help you with building your resume and related documents.  We offer a free resume critique and consultation so that you can evaluate whether our approach is a good fit for you prior to making the time and financial investment.  Contact us today to get started!

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