Intangibles You Need For A Successful Job Search

My company, Careerluxe, provides resume writing, cover letter development and LinkedIn profile optimization services.  These are tangible things and, arguably, you can’t get an interview without them. You apply for jobs online, partner with an executive recruiter and work your professional network to land interviews and eventually a job.  In the end, you have a new job and your search was successful, but was it that easy?

Recently I worked with a client who, in early 2014, wanted to change jobs.  She reached out again several months later because her job search stalled.  We talked about why her desire to find a new job and sending out resumes wasn’t enough.  What I helped her to understand was there are four additional things, intangible things, she needs to implement to have successful job search.

1.  FOCUS:  You have to know what you want in both a job and a company because if you don’t, your job search can be all over the place.  How are employers suppose be excited about your candidacy if you don’t even know what you want?

2:  DEDICATION:  Finding a job is a job.  Schedule time in your day to search, apply and follow-up.  Setting up job search agents and working with recruiters is a great way to manage your time effectively.  In addition, be diligent in tailoring your resume and cover letter for each role to increase your chances of earning a phone interview.  Follow-up is also important.  Carve out time during your week to follow-up with companies on the status of your candidacy.

3.  PERSEVERANCE:  Rejection is inherent in the job seeking process.  You have to be resilient and stick to your plan.  Stay dedicated and persevere throughout all the ups and downs.  You have two phone interviews scheduled this week?  Excellent.  Continue to search and apply for jobs though, continue to work your plan, because you don’t know if those interviews will lead to anything.  Don’t let off the gas until you accept an offer.

4.  CONFIDENCE:  Believe in yourself.  When you speak and write, make sure your tone is confident.  I know this process is difficult and you can doubt your abilities sometimes, either from a bad situation from a previous employer or lack of experience looking for work, but I haven’t worked with a client yet who is unemployable.

Finding the right job and company is a process.  If you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, remember that you need emotional fortitude to be successful.  Still need a pep talk?  Call us!





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