How To Job Search During The Holidays

Is anyone hiring?  Yes.  But who has time to search for a new job?  You do!

I know you have lots of parties, shopping and cooking to do.  In fact, you probably have projects to finish at work before the end of the year and maybe even performance reviews to write.  It can be overwhelming but you can and will get it all done.

Conducting a job search during the holidays can happen and it is easier than you think.  There are three things you can do, well, you can have OTHERS do, to keep that job search going.

1.  Set up job agents:  TheLadders, Indeed, Monster, Dice, LinkedIn, Google and almost any other job site and corporate career site have job search agents that you can set up.  They do the searching for you and either email you daily or weekly with jobs that match your criteria. Make sure you follow Boolean search strings to ensure the jobs match your background.

2.  Work with an Executive Recruiter:  Build a relationship with an Executive Recruiter who specializes in your field and/or industry.  They will work on finding opportunities and matching you to jobs as they acquire them.  They make money when they place candidates, so they are uniquely motivated to keep working through the holidays.

3.  Prepare your resume pronto: If you come across an new opportunity during the holidays, you won’t have time to rewrite your resume with all those holiday parties scheduled.  Make sure your resume is updated now and reflects your unique value proposition (skills plus career achievements), so you can act quickly.  Work with a Certified Professional Resume Writer, have a mentor review your resume and provide feedback or do it yourself.  It doesn’t matter, just make sure you are ready to pounce on that job posting.

Companies do hire throughout the year.  It might be a little slower during the holidays but it doesn’t stop.  That just means competition for jobs is going to be a little stiffer.  Keep your job search activity going by having others do the work for you. Follow those three steps and you’ll be able to get it all done this holiday season, earning rockstar status.

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