Five Steps to Finding Your Dream Job!

School is starting, leaves are falling and your End-of-Summer blues are in full swing.  It is said that Spring is the time for new beginnings, something about the flowers growing and the trees budding, but I have always felt that the Fall was the beginning of it all.

September brings so many new things and a new job seems to always be in the mix.  Hiring managers and recruiters, recharged and refocused after a relaxing Summer, flood the market with new job postings.  Are you ready to apply?  I am sure you spent your Summer thinking about how to increase your salary so you could by that beach house when you retire, or find an employer who can give you a better work/life balance all year round.  You can have what you want by following these five steps:

  1. Find out if your resume and LinkedIn profile is in order for free.  Make sure these two resume mediums market your skills, abilities and accomplishments to the fullest.
  2. Research companies and industries you want to target.  Focusing in will help you maximize your time and productivity.
  3. Sign up for job alerts from job boards and aggregators like LinkedIn, Indeed, Careerbuilder and Flexjobs.
  4. Take a class, sometimes paid by your current employer, to acquire or freshen up skills needed for your next gig.
  5. Schedule time for yourself!  Commit an hour several times a week to executing these steps to make the process more manageable and less overwhelming.  This may mean other things fall behind on the priority list but a new job is worth the short-term sacrifice.

Give yourself every advantage of finding that dream job by having an action plan and sticking to it.  Vacation is over and its time to get back to work on you.

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