Avoid These Common Resume Writing Mistakes

There are dozens of mistakes people make when writing their own resume but I want to share the five most common ones I see and how to avoid them.

1.  The Objective Statement.  This is an outdated element that takes up valuable resume real estate.  Think about it.  The reader of your resume knows what your objective is since you applied for their  job.  Instead, switch out your objective statement in favor of a title that describes your function and a one line value proposition that summarizes your skills.

2.  Chronological resume or functional resume.  It is a mistake to have one or the other.  Use a combination resume, also known as a hybrid.  It is the format recruiters and prospective employers want to see the most.

3.  Missing core competencies.  Including a list of your specialties or areas of expertise is critical because it gives the reader a snapshot of your skills that they can read and comprehend quickly.  It is also another opportunity to use keywords in your resume. Keep this list free of soft skills and focus on your functional and industry expertise.

4.  Providing detail on older work experience.  This is important on an interview but it is a mistake to weigh your resume down with these details.  Employers want to know what you do can do for them and so, what you have done lately has more impact that what you did 15 years ago.  General rule of thumbs is to include details of your roles and accomplishments going back 10 years.

5.  Typos and grammar mistakes.  This might seem like an obvious one but common sense doesn’t always mean common practice and I always have to remind everyone, including myself, to check, double check and then check again.  A good idea is to have some review it for you too.  Not sure if that comma is right or if your sentence needs a semicolon instead?  Look up the grammar rules on the web.  Most common grammatical errors? Serial colon and ending sentences with a preposition or dangling participle.

Avoid these five common mistakes when writing your resume to enhance the professional presentation of your skills, abilities and key differentiators.  At Careerluxe, we have the expertise and proven techniques to enhance your marketability.  Take advantage of our free resume critique and consultation so we can share ideas that will work for you.

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