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Paint a Picture that Differentiates You from Others


Time and time again I see resumes that either have no summary, a summary that is too long, or a summary that does nothing to make a candidate stand out from their competition. If you can craft a summary that articulates your value proposition in three to five lines, you increase your chances of engaging the reader. 

Resume Writing: How Much Information Is Too Much Information?


Many of us continue to update our resume with our new jobs and accomplishments as we acquire them, not giving much thought to the older content.  Having a running document of your jobs is a good idea because it can help you prepare for interviewing but does this older information really add value when you go to apply for a job? 

Avoid These Common Resume Writing Mistakes


There are dozens of mistakes people make when writing their own resume but I want to share the five most common ones I see and how to avoid them.

1.  The Objective Statement.  This is an outdated element that takes up valuable resume real estate. 

Resume Writing Tips for New Grads


Soon, you’ll be graduating from college and your 14-career as a student will be coming to an end.  Congratulations! To get you ready for your job search, I have  some resume writing tips to help you showcase your education and work experience and make yourself stand out from 1.6 million college graduates in 2014.

Mind the Gap! How to Address Employment Gaps in Your Resume


Looking for a new job? Have you been out of the workforce for a period of time because of a layoff, caring for a loved one, starting a family, traveling the world, school or some other personal matter?  It doesn’t mean you won’t ever find a job but it does mean it might be a little harder for you. 

Thinking about a new job in the New Year? Don’t bother!


A very popular New Year’s resolution is to get a new job.  Sound familiar?  You want to find an employer who appreciates you.  You want growth opportunities.  You want more money.  You want an easier commute.  You want work/life balance.  Those are all fantastic notions but if you don’t have the right plan in place, don’t even bother wishing or wanting.