Act Like a Celebrity, Show Off Awards on Your Resume

It is awards season!  The Grammy’s, Golden Globes, Academy Awards, SAG Awards and more are flooding our airways.  It is a good reminder to all of us that workplace and community awards, honors and accolades should be showcased on your resume and online profile. Showcase your rock star status by including these often forgotten details.

Awards can be obvious additions because many companies and industries have formal recognition programs.  Honors and accolades might be more difficult to identify.  Were you asked to lead a team on a special project?  Were you recognized financially or during a meeting by a boss or a client for your outstanding work? Did you receive a thank you note from a colleague or client for your contributions?  Have you been promoted?  Does your LinkedIn profile feature recommendations?  Have you received any recognition from community organizations in which you volunteer?  These are all examples of honors and accolades that we might not think to include in our resume but should.

Now that you have identified some things to add, where do you put them on your resume?  First, list them under the job in which you earned them.  Including them here gives the reader context around the accomplishment.  Also, space permitting, I suggest adding a separate heading, ‘Honors and Awards’, at the end of your resume where you list the honor, the company and the year.  Since your resume should not exceed two pages, make sure this section fits if you add it.  Having the information repeated in a separate section is important when considering the behavior of those resume skimmers.  When they glance through your resume, they will see immediately that you have been recognized for your work.

Adding these elements to your resume and online profile is often overlooked but it is just another example of how you can differentiate yourself from others and show a potential employer that you can make significant contributions in their workplace. It may not come natural to you to brag about yourself and your accomplishments but on a resume, that is exactly what you have to do.  You have to sell yourself to that stranger who is reviewing your resume and trying to decide in 10 seconds if you are worthy of an interview.

At Careerluxe, we have expertise in showcasing your skills and expertise, knowing there are proven ways to differentiate you from others.  Contact us for a free resume critique and let us show you how.


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